Miroku can be described as a company which consistst of two principals, maintaining the highest level of engineering and being an innovative leader.

With the success as a TotalGun drill system provider,Miroku continues to service all industries with deep hole drilling applications to improve efficiencies and production output.

We challenge with different perceptions. Everyday, we challen we challenge with newer technology available. We believe the smallest develpoment, imporvements are the foundation of the highest quality

Miroku manufactures the machines, tooling and owns several deep hole drill shops which supplies enormous amount of data on deep hole drilling applications which aids us to fully support and satisfy our customers.
Which makes Miroku a Total Gun Drill System provider.

Miroku's concept is "A rugged construction machine which does not break is the ultimate service that we can provide. "

Miroku's concept is to utilize the most rigid structure for the machine which is the foundation of a most reliable machine.

All Miroku's standard machines have a coolant reservoir built in the bed or body, which is made by a cast iron which allows the machine to have ahigher rigidity to withstand a long period usage.

For standard machines, the coolant is built in within the cast-iron made bed.
This will allow strong rigidity of the machine which maintains very high efficiency over a long period of time.

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