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Company Name Miroku Machine Tool, Inc.
Location Headquarter Factory
836 Hie,Nankoku-City,Kochi 7830054 Japan
PHONE +81 88-862-1136
FAX +81 88-862-2898

Tooling Division
600-1 Shinohara,Nankoku-City,Kochi 7830006 Japan
PHONE +81 88-880-6969
FAX +81 88-880-6878

Tokyo Sales Office
NBF Shinurayasu Tower 12F 1-5-2 Irifune,Urayasu,Chiba 2790012 Japan
PHONE +81 47-355-5505
FAX +81 47-355-5552

Osaka Sales Office
75-6 Nishimukoujima-machi, Amagasaki-City, Hyogo 660-0857 Japan
PHONE +81 6-6430-1288
FAX +81 6-6430-1138

Cincinnati Office
Cincinnati, OH U.S.A.
TEL +1 513-771-0666
Contact : Jake Katsube
Establishment November 1, 1971
Capital Investment 80,000,000 Yen
Executive Chairman  Yoshihiko Miroku
Executive President Kenyu Yasuoka
Director Katsuhiro Inada
Director Masayoshi Nakano
Auditor Yasunobu Kashiwai
Employees 143 employees
Group total : 600 employees
Sales Items Gundrill Machine, Lapping Machine and manufacturing and selling of other special purpose machines

Deep hole drilling and manufacturing and selling of fixtures

Manufacturing and selling of Gundrill tools and other cutting tools

Company History

November 1971 * The manufacturing division have departed from Miroku Firearms, Ltd. and established Miroku Machinery, Ltd with a capital of 20,000,000 Yen. At the begininng Miroku Machinery, Ltd. started manufacturing of fixtures, tooling and sepcial industrial machines as a manufacturing division.
September 1972 * Moved to a new location and built a new facility. (Kochi Aoyanagi Machi 68-1)
September 1976 * Started to sell the Gun Drill machines to the general market.
Feburary 1981 * Established Miroku Machine Tool, Inc. in Tokyo with a capital of 10,000,000 yen.
October 1981 * Miroku Machinery, Ltd have established a facility in Ohtsu.
July 1984 * Additional Capital Investment of 62,000,000 yen.
September 1984 Eldorado and Miroku Machine Tool, Inc. have esatablished a joint partnership.
April 1985 * Have acquired Miroku Seiki Seisakusho and identified as Yokohama Facility.
April 1985 * Additional Capital Investment of 78,000,000 yen.
December 1985 * Miroku Machinery, Ltd have signed a contract for real estate with the city of Nankoku for new facilities. And started construction scheduled to finish in September 1986.
December 1985 * Introduced a small 1.4mm diameter Gun Drill Machines to the general market.
Janurary 1986 * Developed a Lapping Polish Machines with Miroku Seisaku Sho.
April 1986 Miroku Tool, Inc. was established with a capital of 30,000,000 yen.
September 1986 * Headquarter facility was moved to Hie, Nankoku-City. Trial run begins.
September 1986 * Miroku Tool started operation at the old facitliy.
November 1986 * Headquarters was moved to Nankoku-city and started operations.
June 1991 * Headquarters were expanded. ( 352m2 for Assembly 1,194m2 for Machinery Facility) which resulted in production increase, total land area of facility to be at 6,680m2.
April 1992 * Miroku Machinery established Gifu facility. (Job Shop Facility)
November 1993 * Miroku Machinery, Ltd have acquired Miroku Tool. Miroku Tool to be Miroku Machinery, Ltd Tool Division.
March 1994 Miroku Machinery, Ltd Yokohama was seperated.
April 1997 Miroku Machinery, Ltd. Gifu Facility was moved and to be called Nagoya.
July 1998 * Additional Capital Investment of 80,000,000 yen.
March 2001 * Headquarters were expanded with total facility area of 7,318m2.
May 2001 *Miroku Machinery, Ltd Tool Division have moved Shinohara Nankoku-City and started operations.
November 1, 2002 * Miroku Machine Tool, Inc. which was a sales company of Miroku Machinery, Ltd. was acquired and Miroku Machine Tool, Inc. is now the sales department of the former Miroku Machinery, Ltd.

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Miroku Machine Tool, Inc. -Tokyo / TEL.+81-47-355-5505

Miroku Machine Tool, Inc. - Osaka / TEL.+81-6-6430-1288

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