Large Gun Drill Machines Large Applicationspplications



Product Summary : JUMBO-1500/2000,MHG(H)-1000/1200/1500NC

  • ●This machine was developed for large mold base type of work material and using a column type bed with NC controls. The table allows heavy load to be mounted and cool holes as ejector holes can be easily processed with this machine.
  • ●This machine have a large flexiblitiy with the crucial status of gun drilling process such a s Spindle Speed (Infinite), Cutting feed (Infinite), Coolant Pressure can be selected with affordability.
  • ●Also by attaching a tapping unit (Cutting feed done by manually) PT1/8 - PT3/4 tapping process can be attached.
  • ●We also have AUTO Tapping unit as a special option.
  • ●If a single work piece have different hole depths, this machine capacity will allow either a single type of work or Large general type of work.
  • ●Computerised numerical control assures highly accurate positioning and permits unattended operation.